How to reduce Cuff’s Dialogue in Forspoken

Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, a New Yorker who has been transported to the stunning, yet torturous, land of Athia, and she has to use her magical powers to cross the land and get back home. If you’ve grown tired of Cuff’s endless, but repetitive, sarcastic commentary and want to reduce Cuff’s dialogue, we have a step-by-step guide for you.

How to reduce Cuff’s Dialogue

To turn on subtitles, you’ll open up the Settings menu while you are in-game. Then, you’ll select the Accessibility menu, which will have a Cuff Chat Frequency sub-menu. Here, you can adjust Cuff’s ability to chat from high (lots of chatter and banter) to low (some banter but significantly less) to minimal (story-related chatter only).

  1. Open Settings menu in-game
  2. Select Accessibility sub-menu
  3. Select Cuff Chat frequency sub-menu
  4. Adjust from high to low to minimal

You can also just turn on subtitles if you prefer to have the dialogue on going but perhaps plan to keep the audio low. Given how long it will take to beat Forspoken, it is a massive perk and quality of life enhancement that you can adjust how much Cuff chatters in the background.

Hopefully, we helped you figure out how reduce Cuff’s chatter to a level you find enjoyable and not annoying! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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