How to repair your sword in Project Slayers

Roblox Project Slayers is a an RPG fighting game that will have you creating a character in the world of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. You will be able to decide to continue on as a human and fight off demons, or go to the dark side and attack the people you once called your own. If you want to know how to fix your sword, we’ll show you how in this guide.

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Sword Repair

To repair your sword in Project Slayers, you will need to talk to Jeph who is located at the Kiribating Village which is the first area you spawn in. It will cost you a bit of Wen, but afterwards your sword will be in tip top shape.

The main thing that might confuse people is that you need to have the sword in your hand to get it repaired. So, make sure to have it selected on your hotbar before talking to Jeph. Once you do, you can talk to him and he will offer to repair it.

If you’re having trouble finding Jeph, he is located near Grandpa Wagon at the village. He has brown spikey hair, so look for that icon and run to it!

Project Slayers Sword Repair ImageProject Slayers Sword Repair Image

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That’s everything we know on how to get your sword repaired in the game. We’ve got more details about the experience in the Project Slayers section of our website.

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