How to ride the Screwballer roller coaster in Fortnite

Fortnite‘s newest season has introduced a lot of changes to the Imagined Order’s former territory, turning the island into a fun time for all the Loopers. In addition to the new biome filled with purple fungi, Command Cavern has been turned into Rave Cave with a whole new roller coaster for fans of the game to ride.

On top of Command Cavern sits a giant version of the Cuddle Team Leader’s head. The giant dome is the top point of the rollercoaster, with the tracks going through it multiple times. If players head for that landmark, eventually they’ll get to the base of the cavern. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to ride the Screwballer roller coaster in Fortnite.

How to get on the Screwballer roller coaster in Fortnite

To ride the new roller coaster, players will need to find a Baller vehicle somewhere around the tracks. When the player enters the giant ball vehicle, they can get on the tracks, where the roller coaster will do the rest. If the player has a hard time getting on the tracks, they can use the grappler on the front to get in a better position.

Frozen Peely sits in a ball vehicle and looks at tracks of the roller coasterFrozen Peely sits in a ball vehicle and looks at tracks of the roller coaster
Screengrab via Epic Games

Since the Rave Cave is a new landmark, you’re likely to face a lot of other players if you land there in a regular match. To get on the roller coaster without running into other players, consider starting your own private Battle Lab. Here, you’ll be able to walk around and interact with the map without worrying about other players coming to bother you. However, this mode doesn’t count toward quests or objectives.

The roller coaster runs on its own once the player successfully lands the Baller on the track. Boosting or otherwise steering won’t work as well when you’re stuck on the tracks and you may need to use the grappler to get off. That’s all you need to know about using the Screwballer rollercoaster in Fortnite.

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