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How to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

A new update that has released in September 2021 for Roblox All Star Tower Defense has brought the sacrifice mechanic to the game. You can head to the purple beam of light next to the Summoning Gate and sacrifice your units for Enlightened Rewards. The higher level of your sacrifice, the higher the rewards are supposed to be! We’ll teach you how to use this mechanic in this guide.

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Sacrificing Units Guide

To sacrifice a unit in ASTD, you will need to head over to the Summoning Gate area in the lobby. You will see a purple beam of light to the left of the summoning area. Walk into that and you will be teleported to the sacrifice portal. Head into the room with the portal, press the inventory button, and select the unit you want to sacrifice. Press the sacrifice button to be given a random new unit.

The purple beam of light is located to the left of the Summoning Gate, which you will see in the image below. You will then be teleported to the sacrificial chamber.

Astd Summoning Beam ImageAstd Summoning Beam Image

Walk forward towards the sacrificial portal. You don’t need to be right on it, just in the room with the big red lanterns.

Astd Sacrifice Portal ImageAstd Sacrifice Portal Image

Now that you’re in the room, open up your inventory, and click on a unit that you want to sacrifice. It should show the unit and have the big red SACRIFICE button under it. Press that button and you will get a popup warning you that you can’t go back on your decision.

This Unit will be Sacrificed (and lost forever) unless the skies decline your offering. Are you sure you wish to do this?

Click on the Confirm button if you are sure, or click on the Close button if you want to go back.

Astd Sacrifice Unit ImageAstd Sacrifice Unit Image

If the Skies accept your offering, you will be teleported back to the lobby and given a unit of some kind. It appears that you can’t sacrifice units that you get from the Sacrifice process. When I sacrificed a three star unit, I received three 4-star Gen (Ant Uniform) units, and one 3-star Fancy Ruwabara unit. It appears you will get units around the level of what you sacrificed.

When I leveled up a 4-star unit to around 15 and sacrificed it, I received a 5-star General Hawks. So, it’s possible that leveling up the unit you are going to sacrifice accounts for something. However, this could have just been random.

You can’t sacrifice 6-star units, it will just say the Skies did not accept your sacrifice.

These are the units that you can get that have alternate skins:

  • 3-Star: Mad Bully Sonku
  • 3-Star: Fancy Ruwabara
  • 4-Star: Gen (Ant Kingdom)
  • 4-Star: Alternative Tatsu
  • 5-Star: General Hawks
  • 5-Star: Wild West Zorro

These are the units you can obtain with sacrifice:

  • 4-Star: Lust
  • 4-Star: Wood Master
  • 5-Star: Spider Boss (Chrollo)

Those are all of the details about sacrificing units in Roblox All Star Tower Defense. Be sure to check out the ASTD section of our site for more details on the game.

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