How to sprint in Ready or Not – Faster Movement Speed!

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS game that will have you in the role of a police officer in a SWAT unit that is dealing with some modern-day hostile situations. This is not an arcade type of shooter, you are looking to be far more technical about how you interact with your environments and move around maps. However, there will be times when you want to move more quickly, and we will be exploring that in this guide.

Faster Movement Speed Guide

To sprint in Ready or Not, you will need to engage the Low-Ready toggle in the game. This brings your gun down from a ready to fire position, and makes it so you can move more quickly through parts of the map.

The Low-Ready toggle is not really an actual sprint, but it does allow you to walk around more quickly. The game isn’t really meant for you to be sprinting around the map, so it instead just gives you an option to walk at a brisk pace.

The default button to toggle Low-Ready is the Home key on your keyboard. If you want to change this or are using a keyboard that doesn’t have a Home key, you can go to the Options > Controls > Interactions menu and change the key.

Rebinding Low Ready Key In Ready Or Not ImageRebinding Low Ready Key In Ready Or Not Image

The armor you are wearing will determine how fast you move when this is toggled. The heavier you have on the slower you are going to move. You can move faster if you are wearing lighter gear.

That’s everything you need to know about how to sprint or move faster in Ready or Not. You can find more details about the game in the Ready or Not section of our website!

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