How to Switch Skills in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is quickly becoming one of February 2022’s most popular games, thanks to its unique class system and available depth of adventure. Whether playing as a Bard or Striker, you’ll have access to a range of impressive skills that can damage your enemies or help your team. However, you may notice that you quickly run out of quick slots as you level. Lost Ark is about balancing your skills as you grow and get new powers.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to switch out skills and give you some tips for balancing your powers as you level.

How to Switch Skills in Lost Ark

First, you’ll need to press K to open your skill menu, where you’ll see all your abilities and their associated level requirements. In this menu, you can assign points to skills as you level, eventually granting new buffs and elemental effects. To set a new ability, you’ll need to drag the icon in the skills menu to one of the hotkeys on the bottom left of your HUD, then press it to make sure it’s working correctly.

Tips for Switching Skills in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Paladin Tripod ImageLost Ark Paladin Tripod Image

In Lost Ark, you only have eight quick slots to use for your skills, but some classes have twice that amount of abilities to learn. The player has to decide what kind of fighter or team player they want to be by assigning skills and skill points. Some attacks gain elemental effects when leveled high enough, while others might be more focused on enhancing the critical chance or lowering the cooldown.

You’ll have to decide which abilities you like the best and then upgrade them to unlock their further potential. Using your skill points isn’t final, though, since you’ll be allowed to subtract them from abilities by clicking the ‘-‘ located beside the skill. This will enable you to customize your build by giving you the freedom to play with the different abilities and improvements before you finalize your set.

You can also customize the presets, which will help you set your abilities for different situations like solo/group play, PVP, or PVE. This freedom to switch between presets allows players to make the most out of every situation, using skills and elemental effects optimized for specific enemies.

Balancing your skills might seem a little confusing at first, but you’ll quickly understand how to level and customize your abilities. That’s all you need to know about switching skills and how to make the most out of them. You can find more information on the game in the Lost Ark section of our website.

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