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How to unlock Locked Labyrinths in Avoalet in Forspoken

Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, a New Yorker who has been transported to the stunning, yet torturous, land of Athia, and she has to use her magical powers to cross the land and get back home. You’ll find Locked Labyrinths throughout Athia, and there are two found in Avoalet. If you need help on how to unlock Avoalet’s Locked Labyrinths in Forspoken, we are here to help.

How to unlock Locked Labyrinths in Avoalet?

In Avoalet, there are two Locked Labyrinths to unlock, and you will do by going through each room sequentially, defeating enemies in each room, including a boss in the final room. The two Labyrinths you’ll encounter in Avoalet are found in The Untrodden Forest and The Fountainfields.

How to unlock the Locked Labyrinth in The Untrodden Forest

The other locked Labyrinth in Avoalet is located in The Untrodden Forest. It features three rooms where two rooms are waves of enemies and the final room features a boss. The first room will have Abyssal Qiliania and Abyssal Sebecus that Frey will have to deal with. The second room includes Abyssal Ramoceros and Kyptoceras that are easily defeated using Sila’s magic. The boss is Proto Deinosuchus.

How to unlock the Locked Labyrinth in The Fountainfields

One locked Labyrinth is located in the Fountainfields, which is near the base of the mountains in Avoalet. There are three rooms; the first has Frey battling Abyssal Breakzombies and Abyssal Kelaino. The second room have both Abyssal Ogres and Kelaino that are best defeated using Sila’s Magic and Olas’ Magic. The third room features the boss Meso Gigas.

Hopefully, we helped you figure out how to unlock the Locked Labyrinths found in Avoalet! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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