How to Unlock Mastery in Last Epoch

While the five Base Classes in Last Epoch cover all the usual RPG fare and offer exciting and unique gameplay, sometimes you want to double down and specialize further. Here is how to unlock Mastery in Last Epoch to wield ultimate power.

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How to unlock Mastery Class in Last Epoch

To unlock Mastery in Last Epoch, which opens up new ways to play the game with additional skills and spells, you must first progress through the game’s story until you hit Chapter 4. In this chapter, there is a mastery quest near the beginning that, after you invest 20 points into your base class skill tree, will open up the option to “Unlock Masteries.”

From there, you may invest skill points into the various Mastery Trees until level 25, but then you must ascend if you wish to continue strengthening your chosen Mastery Class. Regarding ascension, you’ll hit that point in the game upon finishing your mastery-level quest in End of Time.

It can feel somewhat confusing, what with skill caps hitting you frequently once you hit level 20, but following along with the storyline should help ease some learning pains.

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All Masteries in Last Epoch

In total, there are fifteen Mastery Classes in Last Epoch. That’s three for each Base Class. Once you unlock your Mastery Tree, you can choose one of the three available, altering your playstyle and skills.

Mage Sentinel Primalist Acolyte Rogue
Runemaster Paladin Shaman Lich Marksman
Spellblade Void Knight Beastmaster Necromancer Bladedancer
Sorcerer Forge Guard Druid Warlock Marksman

A handful of fan favorites exist, including the Void Knight, Necromancer, and Runemaster. These three prove exceptionally capable with the right build, allowing even solo players to take down end-game-level content quickly.

With so many unique and thrilling ARPGs today, how do you choose just one to play? Is Last Epoch similar to Diablo to Path of Exile?

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