How to upgrade weapons in Steelrising

Steelrising is the latest Soulslike action-adventure role-playing game developed by Nacon. It is set in an alternate world of the French Revolution, during which King Louis XVI and his ruthless mechanical army conquered Paris. In Steelrising, you will have the option to play as one of many distinct classes. Every class may use a different set of weapons. As the story progresses, you will find that upgrading your weapon is absolutely necessary as new formidable enemies may come your way. If you want to know how to upgrade your weapon in Steelrising, we’ve got you covered in this guide!

Steelrising weapon upgrading requirements

Steelrising Vestal Upgrade Option ImageSteelrising Vestal Upgrade Option Image
Image: Steelrising

To start upgrading your weapon in Steelrising, head to the Vestal or respawn checkpoint. Afterward, click the upgrades option, then select weapons. At this point, it will show you a list of all of the weapons you own. Select the one that you would want to have upgraded, and then click on it.

Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Requirements ImageSteelrising Weapon Upgrade Requirements Image
Image: Steelrising

You will notice that every weapon has a requirement for upgrading, which changes based on the level of the weapon. if you have the appropriate resources then the weapon will be upgraded. The common resource you will require for upgrading weapons in all levels is Anima Essence which you can farm off by defeating enemies. Below is the list of the common requirements for upgrading your weapons per level in Steelrising:

Level 2

  • 1500 Anima
  • 1 Bronze Ingot

Level 3

  • 3000 Anima
  • 2 Bronze Ingot
  • 3 Cast Iron

Level 4

  • 5000 Anima
  • 3 Bronze Ingot
  • 2 Cat Iron
  • 1 Bismuth Block

Level 5

  • 7500 Anima
  • 3 Bronze Ingot
  • 2 Cast Iron
  • 2 Bismuth Block
  • 1 Orichalcum Ingot

Bronze Ingots may be found in Chests or as loot from dead automatons. Cast Irons are obtainable by defeating higher-level enemies, opening late-game chests, and purchasing it from the Boutique. Bismuth Blocks are only available in the game’s final stages but may be acquired from Unstable Automata or bought from the Boutique once it has been unlocked. Lastly, Orichalcum is an end-game resource that can only be obtained by defeating the Titan bosses.

That’s everything you need to know about upgrading weapons in Steelrising. For more great content, check out the Steelrising section of our site!

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