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Hyper Jobs APK 1.4.7

Casual and simulation games are among the most enjoyable games today. They are simple yet they exceed expectations. They may not be as flashy as some games, but they get the job done.


Speaking of jobs, have you ever wanted to experience doing the work of different people? In real life this would be impossible, but not in Hyper Jobs! A game created by Gamejam, this masterpiece has already a million downloads in Google Play Store. Why is it so popular you ask? It’s because in this game, you can do just about any job there is! You can be a cook, dentist, zoo keeper, CIA agent, firefighter, pilot, magician, mail man and many more!

Take on as Many Jobs as You Can

If you’re an adult right now, you may have experienced doing several jobs. In today’s world, it’s normal to have tried around 5 to 10 or more jobs in your lifetime. After all, companies don’t guarantee tenures especially for non-permanent employees.


But if you’ve always been curious as to what other jobs feel like. You don’t need to be anymore thanks to Hyper Jobs! Here, you’ll solve many puzzles and take on many jobs! Depending on the level, you can be a zoo keeper, interior designer, sheep herder, a substitute teacher, a pilot, a club bouncer, a mailman, a cook, a dentist, a garbage man, a magician and more! In each level, you just complete the job so you can progress. That’s how simple this game is but every job is rewarding!

Features of Hyper Jobs

Hyper Jobs is a unique blend of a lot of jobs in the world. Here, you’ll need to complete the jobs performed by different professions. Here are its features:

Tons of levels – There are many casual games today that do well in the gaming markets. They are unique and popular and they receive tons of downloads every day. One of these games is Hyper Jobs. Here, there are tons of levels to complete. In each level, you’ll do a particular job. Depending on the level, you may become a firefighter, a CIA agent, a cook, a dentist, a sheep herder, a teacher, a factory worker, a mailman and many more! Experience different jobs as you complete the tasks at hand. Each level doesn’t really have that much difficulty. You can usually just solve it in a few seconds or minutes.


Inviting graphics – This game boasts inviting 3D graphics that allows you to enjoy different jobs! Here, the character designs are cute and the colors are vibrant. You will appreciate the details that the developers have made to make the game as interesting as it is. Aside from that, you will experience different job environments in here.


Controls – As for the controls, you can easily master the game because it doesn’t require complex controls. You can just tap, hold and slide depending on the level.

Hyper Jobs APK

Hyper Jobs is an awesome casual game that allows you to try different jobs! Download the latest version now to try all the professions!

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