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Hotels have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. They’re known as inns in medieval ages and they’re used by all sorts of people regardless of status. A lot of people travel a lot back then since airplanes and vehicles didn’t exists. Because of this, they need a place to stay where they can sleep and even eat food. So, if you want to manage your own inn, download Idle Inn Tycoon now and enjoy a game where you’ll manage one!

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Published by Outlou:D Games, you’ll be in charge of your own inn where you will need to build and upgrade a lot of facilities. Here, you can create a pub to serve drinks to your guests. Then, there are also plenty of other services you can offer such as the coliseum, bathhouse, fishing, arcade, diving and many more. Here, you can improve your rooms and earn income from helping lots of people. There are also plenty of landmarks you can construct so you can attract more visitors.

Manage The Inn

There are many fun simulation games available to play these days. But if you’re someone who enjoys different type, then you must have played lots of them by now. But what if you can become a medieval hotel empire tycoon? In this fun simulation game, you can enjoy a game where you can manage a whole inn by yourself. Here, you can erect a lot of services such as a pub and other stuff like fishing, arcade, and diving.

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In the pub, there are lots of drinks that you can offer to your customers here. You will also need to construct new rooms and upgrade them by buying various furniture to style them. Then, you’ll also need to enjoy plenty of inns in 6 environments today and open a kitchen! Then, you can also collect pets that will be able to go around the inns. There are so many fun things to look forward to in this game and you’ll be the one in charge of this!

Here, you’ll also be able to walk around and even construct landmarks. This allows you to attract more visitors.

Idle Inn Tycoon Features

If you’re looking to play an enjoyable simulation game, then Idle Inn Tycoon is the best one. If you love the medieval times, then this is even better.

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Become an Inn Owner – The simulation genre is loved by many players today as they can enjoy a variety of them. Since you enjoy simulation games, there are plenty of them for everyone nowadays. But if you love the medieval times and hotels, then Idle Inn Tycoon is the perfect game to play. Here, you’ll manage an inn and serve the guests will all their needs. Create comfortable rooms complete with high-end furniture and beddings.

In Idle Inn Tycoon, you’ll be able to enjoy constructing different things in the inn today. Here, you’ll need to hire a lot of people to help you such as a bartender, a cook, maids, and many more. This is the medieval times so everything is set in the past as horses are still the primary means of transport. Then, you’ll also be able to complete a variety of quests today and collect pets!

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Construct Rooms and Upgrade – One of the main things you’ll need to do here is to construct rooms so you can serve guests. There are many things a room needs in here such as sofas, tables, beds, cabinets, and many more. You’ll also need to construct as many rooms as possible to accommodate more guests when you’re expanding. Then, you can also upgrade the rooms and buy more things when needed to attract more visitors. Here, you can build a single or a double room to accommodate more guests.

Perform Quests – In this game, you will also need to perform many quests in order to receive certain rewards. Here, the quests vary a lot so you’ll need to check for available ones all the time. After completing the quests, you’ll be rewarded!

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Offer Many Services – In this game, you can offer not just rooms, but many other services. Here, you can offer food, beer, bathhouses, beaches, surfing, gyms, arenas and other sporting arenas. In this game, you can also offer other services like fishing, arcades and many more. You only need to have the necessary capital to provide all these services today.  

Collect Pets – There are also many pets available in this game that you can collect. There are pets like Elvis, Cookie, Cinnamon, Sheriff Carl, Hamlet and many more.

Landmarks – To make your inn more interesting, you can also construct landmarks today!

Download Idle Inn Tycoon APK

If you love to play hotel simulation games, enjoy Idle Inn Tycoon now! Get all the money you need to build endless rooms.

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