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Last Seen Online Walkthrough

As an avid fan of point-and-click horror games, Last Seen Online surprised me with its unique take on the genre, and the puzzles were no slouch either! If you’ve run into a hard conundrum, follow the Last Seen Online walkthrough below to get through puzzles in no time.

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Last Seen Online Walkthrough – Complete Guide

The game’s premise revolves around exploring an abandoned PC found in an unknown garage, containing information about a girl who went missing under suspicious circumstances. It’s up to you to discover the truth behind her disappearance hidden within the files of an old computer.

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When you start the game, a log-in screen will appear. Tap the question mark button (1) to receive a hint telling you that the password is the name of the dog on the screen and the user’s year of birth (scotty1992). Input the password and press the green button to log in.

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Once you log in, click anywhere on the desktop to reveal all of the icons, and click on the LoseAmp Player (2). Place the window above the Liz + Em writing and play the songs in the following order:

  1. in heaven.wav
  2. just my luck.mp3
  3. Roma_Pizza_25.mp3
  4. leave this world.mp3

Listen to the lyrics and remember the numbers mentioned in the song. Use those numbers (7436) to unlock the photos4em.zip (3) and open the .img files on the desktop. Open the Buddy List and message __orion__ . Press the answers in the following order:

  1. whats Other World?
  2. yes… i’m sure. How do i get in?
  3. I’ll try to remember
  4. We respected the four fallen
  5. we blessed the statue
  6. we gazed upon the fountain
  7. we lit candles for our tributes
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You’ll receive a password NEVERLAND485. Open Other World (4) and press Register. Type in the password, and you’ll get a webcam call request from __orion__. Accept the call to see a strange video of a room with an empty chair. Go back to Other World, press Continue, and when asked to type in your name, type Liz.

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Once you’re inside Other World, tap the cube, the sphere, and the triangle (5) to receive an explanation from __orion__ about what they represent. Go forward, then go right to reach the disco. Tap on alonegurl15 (6) to make her seemingly disappear and go left. She’ll show up and disappear again. Go left again and you’ll see alonegurl15 enter the <userworld> House of Baphomet. Tap on it to enter after her.

Go forward and you’ll reach the gate with four door knockers (Image 2). Approach the door and go right to find four pictures of people (Image 3), each one representing one door knocker (e.g. the upper left image represents the upper left knocker). Tap one of the pictures to see a shimmering light accompanied by a sound. A longer sound indicates a stronger knock, while a quieter sound indicates a light knock. This is the knocking pattern for the knockers. Go back to the door and use the sound patterns to unlock it.

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After the door opens, you’ll see a statue of Baphomet. Approach it, tap the pentagon in the center, and go left. Tap the triangle in the center of the eagle statue, then go right twice and tap the star on the lion statue. Go left three times to reach the ox statue—tap the square three times to open the secret door behind it.

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After you go through the door, you’ll reach blocks of letters (Image 1) that say: ”A simulation, a fever dream, or both?”. Tap the letters F, O, R, E, V, E, R to open another secret door and enter. Once you see three picture frames (Image 2), click on the left frame and open the wallpapers folder. Click me_and_my_best_friend.jpg and press Open.

Click the middle frame, go to desktop and open lawson.jpg. Finally, click the right frame, go to pictures, and open me.jpg. Read the text to learn about the girl’s fate.

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