League of Legends Lunar Revel 2022 Event – Rewards, Details, & More

Lunar Revel 2022 is the newest event to hit the League of Legends client. In this event, players have the opportunity to unlock free skins and event-exclusive cosmetics by grinding out missions in the game client. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the most of the Lunar Revel 2022 event.

What is The Lunar Revel Event in LoL

Firecracker and Porcelain

Lunar Revel 2022 Event Rewards

How To Earn Lunar Revel 2022 Tokens

What is The Lunar Revel Event in LoL

Lunar Revel 2022 is League’s way of honoring the Chinese new year, which begins on February 1st. For the next 4 weeks, players have access to limited-time exclusive skins. like the Firecracker and Lunar beast skinline. They also have a chance to earn some unique rewards and free skins if they play through the free missions offered in the league client.

Before we get into the rewards offered by the Lunar Revel event, lets talk about the two unique skin lines that dropped with this limited-time event.

Firecracker and Porcelain

Coming with this event are brand new skins, including a totally new skin line called Porcelain. The Protectors guard ancient Zodiac relics, keys to immense power, from falling into the hands of ancient and malignant spirits who hide amongst modern-day society. After accidentally unleashing an ancient evil sorceress, Ezreal uses the spirit of the tiger to help Lux defeat Lissandra, an ancient and powerful sorceress.

League Lunar Revel Skins ImageLeague Lunar Revel Skins Image

The Porcelain skin line comes with new skins for Lux, Amumu, Lissandra, Kindred, and an ultimate skin for Ezreal. It also comes with a new Prestige skin for lux, which you can learn how to unlock here.

Releasing along with the Porcelain skins are brand new Firecracker skins for Sett, Tristana, Teemo, Xin Zhao and Diana. Firecracker is a returning skin line that shows champions celebrating the Lunar Revel, featuring some bright red celebration outfits and flashy firework effects.

Lunar Revel 2022 Event Rewards

The Lunar Revel 2022 event features a host of unique rewards that you can earn by playing the game. You can earn special loading screen borders and icons for the new Porcelain and Firecracker skins, which give you a special flair when loading into a game. Each new skin also has a unique chroma, available only in the event shop and only for the duration of the event — Once the event is over, the chromas are gone!

League Lunar Revel Chromas ImageLeague Lunar Revel Chromas Image

Those who aren’t interested in the new skins but still want to earn rewards can instead look to Firecracker 2022 orbs. These special loot boxes give you the chance to earn some random skins, with each one containing a random skin inside. They have the chance to also include a gemstone, a gemstone crafting skin, or a Firecracker 2022 grab bag, which contains three skins and a bonus chance to drop a gemstone.

All of these event rewards are purchased with Lunar Revel 2022 tokens, which you can earn by playing the game. Use the tokens in your hextech crafting tab to get these rewards.

How To Earn Lunar Revel 2022 Tokens

The Lunar Revel 2022 event gives you the chance to earn Lunar Revel tokens with 10 free missions. These missions can be completed by playing games, with each one having a fast completion and a slow completion objective. While these missions won’t reward you with a ton of tokens on their own, they also provide a few Lunar Revel orbs, so you’ll still be rewarded if you choose not to spend any money on the event.

League Lunar Revel Missions ImageLeague Lunar Revel Missions Image

The Lunar Revel Event Pass is where you really start to earn tokens. The event pass unlocks even more missions, with the chance to unlock 25 prestige points, 2 gemstones, 3 emotes, 1250 orange essence, and some loot boxes. Also included with the pass is a free repeating mission that can be done up to 4 times, one for each week in the event, which gives you 250 tokens when completing.

Want to earn even more Lunar tokens? You can purchase orb bundles from the shop during the event. These orb bundles will give you skins via Firecracker orbs, and a few tokens to go with it. While purchasing orb bundles doesn’t give a ton of token rewards, you can use this method to get the last few tokens you need to unlock a specific reward, and get a skin or two out of it as well.

That’s everything you need to know about the Lunar Revel 2022 guide! Check out our other League of Legends guides for more information on events and free content in League of Legends!

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