Legends of Runeterra WORLD ENDER expansion cards revealed

It’s been just over a month since part 2 of Legends of Runeterra’s Darkin Saga, Domination, was released. Since the beginning of this three-part expansion, the final installment has been highly anticipated by many, with the speculation that Aatrox would be added to the game. While this was confirmed some time ago, today the Legends of Runterra team revealed new card coming in the World Ender expansion. This uncharacteristic move lets us see exactly how the meta is going to be shaped when the expansion releases on December 7.

To view every new card coming with Legends of Runeterra’s World Ender expansion, check out the official full card list posted by the LoR team on Mobalytics.

The big standouts from this card list are the three new champions, Aatrox, Kayle, and Ryze. Aatrox is the clear standout, empowering and reducing the costs of your Darkin units so you can make the most of these powerful cards.

Kayle is an interesting addition that I’m also excited about. Her playstyle revolves around buffing units, which gives her a ton of versatility in potential deck combos. Plus, she is the only card in the game that makes use of the incredibly deadly Double Attack and Overwhelm combo without needing spells to apply the keywords, making her an incredibly powerful card in the attack phase.

Ryze is an interesting addition that I personally wasn’t expecting. His deck revolves around World Rune landmarks, and he plays sort of like a stronger Zilean. Each World Rune has a unique effect that activates each time you summon a new rune. He also has a powerful Exodia-like effect that allows him to win the game without damaging the Nexus.

In addition, older decks will be receiving new cards to help them keep up in the modern meta. Particularly, Viego and Xerath have both gotten huge tempo upgrades that should see them receiving a higher play rate.

All of these cards and more will be available on December 7th, when the World Ender expansion for Legends of Runeterra goes live. If you need some strong decks to help you earn essence in preparation for the new expansion, check out the Legends of Runeterra section of our website.

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