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Minecraft Frame Block Guide – What is it?

Minecraft Live 2021 brought the announcement of the upcoming Wild Update that will be bringing a variety of new and exciting additions to the game. One of these additions is possibly going to be a block currently known as the Frame Block. If you’re curious about what this thing is, we’ll walk you through what we know about them in this guide!

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The Frame Block

First, it’s important to know that this block was not officially announced, and the name of it is likely not actually going to end up being Frame Block. The block in question was spotted during the live event a couple of times. The blocks create what appears to be a large window in the Deep Dark City. Some players think it could be a portal, but that’s purely a guess at the moment.

The block looks to be almost chain-like in appearance, and could possibly be the central structure that one of the developers alluded to during Minecraft Live.

The following images have been brightened so you can get a better look at the block.

The first shot from Minecraft Live of the Deep Dark City is a gradual pan to the window with the suspected Frame Block. There is clearly something going on underneath the area, there are blue flames flickering there, which could possibly mean the actual important part of what’s going on is actually below the frame.

Minecraft Frame Block Example03 ImageMinecraft Frame Block Example03 Image

This image is from when the player was exploring the Deep Dark City, and they do pause momentarily to take a look at the window/frame as to call attention to it. This could mean something… or this could mean nothing.

An example of the Frame Block in MinecraftAn example of the Frame Block in Minecraft

The next image displays the block window as the end shot of a cinematic-like sweep of the Deep Dark City. This is clearly a focal point of some sort, but from what you can see behind the frame looks to be fairly normal landscape.

Minecraft Frame Block Example02 ImageMinecraft Frame Block Example02 Image

While those images are interesting, there’s also some details that were posted on the Minecraft Wiki about the block. They have an official image of the block, which I have enlarged below. Not much else is shared, just the basic details we also know, and a message about it having some unknown “interesting” purpose.

Minecraft Frame Block ImageMinecraft Frame Block Image

Unfortunately, that’s really all we know right now. Until we get further info on the block, all we can do is guess at what it will actually do in the game!

Those are all of the details we have on the Frame Block in Minecraft! There’s likely to be more information revealed in the future, which we will add to this post as soon as possible. Be sure to check out the Minecraft section of our website for more information on the game!

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