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My Hello Kitty Cafe Gacha – Where to Buy & How to Get!

Roblox My Hello Kitty Cafe is a game that will have you creating your own food shops in the world of Hello Kitty. You can hire characters to run them, design them how you want, and see if you can supply customers with the highest grades of food items! If you’re wondering how the Gacha system works in the game, we’ll tell you in this guide.

If you’re in need of some Gacha Tickets or Diamonds, you should head to our My Hello Kitty Cafe codes page to get some free items for the game!

My Hello Kitty Cafe Gacha Guide

The Gacha system in My Hello Kitty Cafe allows you to purchase cards that will unlock characters that you can put to work in your outdoor or indoor shop.

How to get a Gacha Ticket

To buy or get a Gacha Ticket, you will either need Diamonds, redeem a code, or unlock one by completing daily tasks.

Diamonds can be obtained by completing tasks, opening chests, or by purchasing them with Robux. You have main tasks, which are milestones you will hit as you play the game. There are also five daily tasks you can complete, which reward Diamonds but also give you a Gacha Ticket if you complete all five in a day!

My Hello Kitty Tasks ImageMy Hello Kitty Tasks Image

Once you have enough Diamonds, you can head into the in-game shop and purchase a Gacha Ticket with them. Here’s a breakdown of how much each amount of tickets costs:

  • 1x Gacha Ticket – 199 Diamonds
  • 5x Gacha Ticket – 949 Diamonds
  • 10x Gacha Ticket – 1,799 Diamonds
  • 50x Gacha Ticket – 8,499 Diamonds
  • 100x Gacha Ticket – 15,999 Diamonds

When you have yourself a Gacha ticket, you can head to the vending machine located near the furniture to make yourself a purchase.

My Hello Kitty Vending Machine ImageMy Hello Kitty Vending Machine Image

Each character has a star rating set to them along with a rarity percentage. The rarity is the percentage chance you have for getting a particular character. Higher star rated characters are generally harder to get, because they have higher stats, which allow them to work faster!

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to increase your luck when you open up a card pack. You will just have to open a whole lot of them in hopes of getting a particular character you want!

That’s everything you need to know about the Gacha Tickets in My Hello Kitty Cafe! If you want to learn more about all sorts of games on the platform, check out the Roblox section of our website.

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