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A lot of people worldwide own pets. Whether it’s something common such as a dog or a cat or to something unique such as a lizard – we love taking care of them! Because of this, we are obsessed with pet simulation games as well.


One of the best pet simulation games right now is a game created by Alphaquest Game Studio called Pet Idle. This is a popular game because it’s been installed 500 thousand times on Google Play Store. If you’ve ever wanted to take care of many pets at once but couldn’t, this is your chance to do so! You can take care of dogs or cats and build and decorate your home to accommodate them. There are certainly tons of things to do with your pets in here!

What is Pet Idle All About?

A lot of people worldwide have pets. They are loving creatures that give joy and meaning to our lives. Whether it’s a dog, cat or even a skunk – we all love and care for them. Sometimes we even want to have so many of them but we couldn’t in real life.


If that’s the case, then Pet Idle is for you! Adopt virtual pets such as dogs and cats and care for them in here. Feed them, bathe them, take them for a walk and play with them. Everything you can do with your pets in real life can be done in here as well. Turn your house into a pet house and decorate it according to your style. You can also expand your space to accommodate more of them!

Features of Pet Idle

Pets have been around for a long time. They are meaningful companions that are an extension of our family. If you want to have tons of pets at once, Pet Idle is the game for you. Here are the game’s features:

A variety of pets – The most common pets around the world would probably be dogs and cats. In Pet Idle, you can definitely adopt tons of dogs and cats as your pets. But aside from that, there are 8 different pet types in here. Each of them is amazing and deserve equal attention from you! Collect a diverse group of pets and show them off to your friends!


Customize your pets – In Pet Idle, you can also customize the color of each pet. Select from a wide range of colors and see which color fits them. There are plenty of colors to choose from such as orange, white, black, blue and more! You’re the caretaker so you can select whatever you want.

Build the house – You will also need to build the house capable of storing your pets. Add furniture, pet things and more that will allow you to take care of your pets effortlessly. You can buy them baths, toys bowls, tubs, and more! Decorate your house as well so it fits nicely with your theme. In here, everything is for your pets so make sure they’re comfortable around!

Everyday things – Taking care of pets have never been this fun and easy! In this game, you can feed them, make them take a bath, sleep, walk them, and play with them. Aside from that, you can teach them amazing tricks such as sitting, jumping, rolling and so much more! Make time for your pets so they will grow up healthy.


Amazing graphics – The graphics in Pet Idle is well-designed. The pets are cute as well as the furniture. You can customize the entire house to your liking as well!

Download Pet Idle APK

Are you excited to become a pet owner? Download now and buy all the things your pet needs.

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