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Roblox Pixel Piece is an experience developed by WorldUp Studios for the platform. In this game, you will be creating a character in the world of the One Piece anime and manga. Sail the seas looking for adventure and participating in various challenges, raids, and dungeons. Try and locate powerful Devil Fruits that will give you abilities that you can use to slay enemies. If you want to know what the best fruit are in the game, we’ll be running through the list in this guide.

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Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List

Due to the game just having been released, we’re not completely sure of this list. However, it is being ranked by rarity right now, which is usually a good way to tell what fruits are the best! If you don’t know where to get some of these, head over to our how to get Pixel Fruit guide!


  • Hie Hie (Logia, 7 Skills, Mythical)
  • Mera-Mera (Logia, 7 Skills, Mythical)


  • Paw-Paw
  • Bomb-Bomb (Paramecia, 4 Skills, Rare)


  • Smooth-Smooth (Paramecia, 2 Skills, Uncommon)
  • Cry-Cry (Paramecia, 3 Skills, Uncommon)


  • Suke-Suke (Paramecia, 2 Skills Common)
  • Spin-Spin (Paramecia, 3 Skills Common)
  • Kilo-Kilo (Paramecia, 6 Skills Common)

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All Fruit List

Here’s a look at all the fruit in the game along with their abilities! To get Pixel Fruits in the game, you will need to either purchase them with Beli or Robux from the Central Port which is an Island in the game that has a Fruit Dealer. Alternatively, you can find Pixel Fruits under trees randomly.

To help you find Fruit, you can always purchase the Fruit Notifier Gamepass, which will let you know when a Fruit has spawned in the game. You can also get Pixel Fruit Bag, which allows you to store Fruit in your inventory for as long as you want to!

If you want to try a new fruit, you will need to head the Store in the Menu of the game. Once you’ve reached it, look for the “Fruit Remover” option and select it. It will cost you some Robux to do so, make sure you don’t eat any Fruit you don’t want! You can also now head to Central Port and talk to the Zeonkei NPC to reset your Fruit for 1,500 Beli.

Suke-Suke (Common)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for 500 Robux or 5,500 Gold.

  • Skill Z : Self Invisible – User becomes invisible for set amount of time [Undetectable by NPC’s and Players]
  • Skill X : Party Invisible – User grants party members the ability to turn invisible by force

Spin-Spin (Common)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for 300 Robux or 20,000 Gold.

  • Skill Z : Spinning Disaster – User spins at high speeds like a tornado, damaging anything in their way
  • Skill X : Spinning Assault – User spins their arms at high speeds dealing hefty damage
  • Skill C : Spinning Flight – User spins their legs like a helicopter, allowing them to fly anywhere

Kilo-Kilo (Common)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for Robux or Gold.

  • Skill Z : Kilo Walk – User runs around and stomps on ground, trampling nearby foes
  • Skill X : Kilo Crash – User uses tremendous force with their feet to cause ground tremors
  • Skill C : 1,000kg – User slams into the ground as a giant boulder
  • Skill V : 10,000kg User slams into the ground like a meteorite
  • Skill E : Kilo Rise – User rises into the air defying gravity
  • Skill R : Kilo Force

Smooth Fruit (Uncommon)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for 50 Robux or 1,000 Gold.

  • Skill Z : Smooth Floor – User zooms across the ground smoothly
  • Skill X : Smooth Push – User rushes forward quickly, making others slip if they are in their path

Cry-Cry (Uncommon)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for 350 Robux or 15,000 Gold.

  • Skill Z : Kenpopo – User sends projectiles at targeted location, can hit enemies, if it hits enemies, it damages them and increases your health
  • Skill X : Chiyupop – User gets on their knees and cries, healing nearby teammates but loses health
  • Skill C : Hogopopo – User becomes difficult to stun

Bomb-Bomb (Rare)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for Robux or Gold.

  • Skill Z : Bomb Shot – User sends a bomb in the direction they’re facing
  • Skill X : Bomb Rush – User ignites a bomb underneath themselves and rockets towards aimed position when released
  • Skill E : Bomb Booster – User soars like Bakugo
  • Skill V : Bomb Destruct – User becomes a nuclear weapon, will deplete health with use

Mera-Mera (Mythical)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for 2,500 Robux or 55,000 Beli.

  • Skill Z : Flame Snap – User snaps and a flame emerges and you can hold this until you click LMB
  • Skill T : Flame Flight – User flips into the air and fire emerges from their feet, allowing them to hover
  • Skill X : Shinka Shiranui – User leaps into the air and crash lands into a fiery boom
  • Skill C : Flame Repulse – User leaps into the air and sends a fire under themselves, stunning anyone caught in it
  • Skill E : Hiken – User throws a flame ball wherever they aim
  • Skill R : Hono No Hashira – User summons a pillar of flames and can move it forward [Holdable Skill]
  • Skill V : Dai Enkai Entei – User summons a flaming ball over their head and can charge it to increase its size

Hie-Hie (Mythical)

You can purchase this Fruit on the Black Market for 2,500 Robux or 77,000 Beli.

  • Skill Z : Ice Hawk – User fires an ice hawk in the direction they face
  • Skill X : Ice Spears – User summons spears of ice from above that fall downward where aimed
  • Skill C : Ice Hammer – User summons an ice hammer that slams down in front of them
  • Skill V : Ice Stomp – User stomps to summon an ice wall that goes in front of them
  • Skill E : Frozen Time – User summons ice underneath themselves to freeze anything and anyone near them
  • Skill R : Ultimate Stomp – User summons three large ice walls in front of them
  • Skill T : Ice Ice – User skates on ice

Those are all of the best fruits that you can get in the game right now. Be sure to head to the Pixel Piece section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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