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Pixel Piece Map Guide – All Locations & Items!

Roblox Pixel Piece is an experience developed by WorldUp Studios for the platform. In this game, you will be creating a character in the world of the One Piece anime and manga. Sail the seas looking for adventure and participating in various challenges, raids, and dungeons. Try and locate powerful Devil Fruits that will give you abilities that you can use to slay enemies. If you want a map that will help you find where you need to go, we’ve got one for you.

If you are in need of some freebies, you can head to our Pixel Piece Codes page to get some! We also have a post for Pixel Piece Trello, Fruit Tier List, and on how to get 1SS, Black Leg, and Geppo.

Pixel Piece Map

We’ve created a larger version of the map which should make things more visually obvious. The game’s water area is humungous, and it will take you a lot longer than you think to reach certain areas.

The Beast Island location is my best guess, it is northeast from Central Port. We’ll update with a more exact location once we find out more information.

Pixel Piece Map Hd 2 ImagePixel Piece Map Hd 2 Image
Image: Try Hard Guides

If you haven’t gotten a boat yet, you just need to head to a Store on an island. Once inside, you should see a boat of some kind for sale. Interact with it and you can purchase with in-game gold. You can also purchase either the Striker Boat or Smoke Cycle Gamepasses to get a much more powerful one.

To spawn your boat, you need to head to the pier on any island and talk to the Ship Spawn NPC. You can then pay 25 Gold for them to spawn your boat into the water.

Be sure to purchase Log Pose items in Stores wherever you find them. These will allow you to equip the item to your hotbar and will show you exactly where the island is located. This is very helpful as it is easy to get lost due to the vastness of the ocean.

Leveling Locations

Pixel Piece Island

First area where you spawn and level up. You will stay here up to level 15 before you will want to move on. You can purchase a sword and a boat in the store.

Here are the items you can get on Pixel Piece Island:

  • Classic Katana
  • Rowboat
  • Shells Town Log Pose
  • Pixel Piece Pose

Shells Town

Second area you will want to head towards, which is level 15 – 40 or so. You can purchase various different weapons and get a better boat in the Store. You can fight the Axe Hand Morgan Boss in this area.

Here are the items you can get in Shells Town:

  • Classic Cutlass
  • Katana
  • Axe Hand
  • Marine Cap
  • Metal Jaw
  • Caravel
  • Orange Town Log Pose
  • Baratie Log Pose

Orange Town

This is the level 35 – 55 location where you can fight the Kabaji Boss.

Here are the items you can get in Orange Town:

  • Cutlass Kaba
  • Cutlass Charlie [UNFINISHED]
  • Clown Nose
  • Kaba Scarf
  • Puggy Scarf
  • Puggy Hat
  • Knarr
  • Syrup Village Log Pose
  • Beast Island Log Pose

Syrup Village

This is the level 70 – 100 location, where you can fight Nuro Bandits and Pirates. You can also train with Geppo.

Here are the items you can get in Syrup Village:

  • Shark Park Log Pose
  • Nuro Claws [UNFINISHED]

Shark Park

The final and hardest island which is level 110 – 170. You will fight Orling Bandits and Boss, and take on the Korober Boss.

Here are the items you can get in Shark Park:

  • Shark Sword

Beast Island

Fight the Sea Beast boss to earn teeth to turn in at the Richman NPC who is located at the Central Port.

Miscellaneous Locations

  • Vaill Island – This is a 70+ level island where you can learn from the Haki Trainer and fight the Ancient Gorilla. Keep in mind that the Gorilla can only be fought at night! During the day it will not take damage.
  • Central Port – This island is where the Fruit Shop is located. You can purchase different Fruits with either in-game Gold or Robux. It is located very far south. There are also now Fruit and Stat Reset NPCs on this island, which you can use Beli at to reset things.
  • Baratie Island – Located in the middle of the map, you can learn Black Leg from the trainer.
  • Lost Island – This is to the east of Pixel Piece Island and currently serves no purpose in the game.

That is everything you need to know about the locations and map in the game. Be sure to head to the Pixel Piece section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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