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Project New World Fruit Tier List (February 2023) – Best Devil Fruit

Wondering which are the best Devil Fruits in Project New World then this tier list is made for you. In this game inspired by One Piece, you can collect Devil Fruits to get new powers and abilities. These will be crucial when you’re completing quests and fighting strong enemies. Since there are many fruits in the game, it is understandable that you may have a tough time choosing one. To help you out, along with a tier list, we will mention all the Abilities of the Devil Fruits as well.

Table of Contents

Project New World Fruit Tier List – Best Devil Fruits

All Devil Fruits and their Abilities in Project New World

Based on the rarity of the fruit, they are divided into categories. However, we will not rank them based on rarity but on their use in combat. That being said, here’s our Project New World Fruit Tier List.

S-Tier Fruits

  • Magma
    • Magma Pool
    • Magma Fist
    • Magma Rain
    • Magma Flight
    • Magma Meteor
  • Electric
    • Thunder Palm
    • Lightning Strike
    • Electricity Teleport
    • Electric Beam
    • Raigo
  • Light
    • Light Fly
    • Sacred Jewels
    • Mirror Kick
    • Light Sword
    • Teleport
    • Illumination
  • Gravity
    • Rock Fly
    • Gravity Push
    • Meteor
    • Gravity Pressure
    • Meteor Rain

A-Tier Fruits

  • Flame
    • Fire Flies
    • Fire Fly
    • Fire Pillar
    • Fire Fist
  • Tremor
    • Quake Tsunami
    • Tremor Smash
    • Shock Ball
    • Tremor Launch
  • Dark
    • Dark Bomb
    • Dark Fly
    • Dark Vortex
    • Black Hole
  • Paw
    • Paw Shot
    • Paw Barrage
    • Red Paw
    • Paw Nuke
  • Ice
    • Ice Pierce
    • Ice Skate
    • Ice Lances
    • Ice Surge
    • Ice Age
  • Snow
    • Blizzard
    • Sphere
    • Glacial Lance
    • Snow Tornado

B-Tier Fruits

  • Buddha
    • Explosion
    • Pillars
    • Smash
    • Transformation
  • Sand
    • Spada
    • Sand Fly
    • Sand Eruption
    • Sand Tornado
  • Gas
    • Gas Decimation
    • Gas Mode
    • Cremation
    • Gas Zone

C-Tier Fruits

  • Bomb
    • Detonation
    • Booger Bomb
    • Bombardment
  • Barrier
    • Barrier Stairs
    • Barrier Trap
    • Barrier Crash
  • Chop
    • Chop Fist
    • Split Car
    • Festival

D-Tier Fruits

  • Kilo
    • Umbrella
    • Kilo Jump
    • Kilo shock
  • Spike
    • Spike Shot
    • Spike Thorns
  • Clear
    • Invisibility
  • Spin
    • Spin Flight

Note that this list is based on our experience and playstyle, and it can differ from player to player.

That completes our Project New World Fruit Tier List and all Devil Fruits Abilities. While you are here, check out the Race Tier List to get the best buffs.

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