The Christmas business is an important source of income for video game manufacturers. An expert is now analyzing which console will sell best this year. Surprisingly, it is not the PS5.

How can the Switch win against the PS5?

Industry expert Mat Piscatella believes the Switch has an advantage over the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In a new report from the NPD Group, he reveals how Nintendo can beat Sony and Microsoft in the Christmas season.

The reason is actually quite simple: Even if there is an extremely high demand for the PS5 and Xbox SX, there is currently simply not enough capacity to cover it. Many buyers could therefore turn to Switch, while some households might even buy several copies of the hybrid console. Here too, however, Nintendo should make sure that earlier supply bottlenecks do not recur.

More gamers due to the pandemic

Even if PS5 and Xbox SX will undoubtedly be popular Christmas presents, the switch could succeed in passing both new consoles. At the same time, accessories such as controllers and headseats are expected to sell much better at the launch of the new generation.

According to the report, gaming is more popular than ever before. Especially the coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for entertainment. There are now around 244 million gamers in the USA, 30 million more than in 2018, and Piscatella expects to spend more than 13 billion dollars on video games, consoles and accessories in November and December.

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