Slayers Unleashed All Slayer Marks List – Every Rarity!

In an update to Roblox Slayers Unleashed, you now have the ability to obtain different Slayer Marks for your character. These will boost your power when your character goes under a certain amount of health. This is meant as a way to help get you out of a bad situation when things aren’t going your way. There’s a variety of these to get, and some are rarer and more powerful than the others. We’ll tell you all about them in this guide!

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Slayers Unleashed Slayer Marks List

  • Tomioka (40% Chance) – Increases Water Breathing Damage
  • Shinazugawa (26% Chance) – Increases Wind Breathing Damage
  • Kanroji (20% Chance) – Increases Love Breathing Damage
  • Tokito (12% Chance) – Increases Mist Breathing Damage
  • Kamado (2% Chance) – Increases Sun Breathing Damage (?)

Your Slayer Mark will only activate when you go below 30% health. It will last for two minutes, and it has a 10 minute cooldown before it can be used again. It increases your damage output by 10%, health regeneration, and sprint speed. Some of the marks will increase the damage of your breathing ability.

If your Clan and Slayer Mark match, you will get an additional 10% overall damage bonus while the mark is active!

If you’re Hybrid, you get a nerfed version of Slayer Marks, which is 2x weaker.

You can reroll your Slayer Mark by using a code or by paying with Robux.

That’s everything we know about Slayer Marks in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. We’ll update this post with additional information as more are released, and update any bonuses if they are changed or added in the future!

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