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Steelrising Alchemist class guide

In Steelrising, players will take on the role of Aegis as they battle enemies known as automatons in an alternate French revolution period. There are four available classes to choose from – Bodyguard, Soldier, Alchemist, and Dancer. These character classes vary from one another in terms of their gameplay style. The Alchemist is a fascinating class that demonstrates Steelrising’s unique elemental effects, which combine a sort of magic with a melee attack range. If you want to learn more about the Alchemist class, this guide got you covered!

Weapons and Stat focus for Alchemist

Steelrising Alchemist Recommended Weapons Stat Priority ImageSteelrising Alchemist Recommended Weapons Stat Priority Image
Image: Steelrising

To play the Alchemist class character at its full potential, it is suggested to equip your character with recommended weapons and stat focus. As an Alchemist, you will start off with +3 Elemental Alchemy for increased alchemical damage and resistance, as well as +2 Engineering for increased armor, the effectiveness of Alchemical Afflictions, and the chance of finding loot. The following are the recommended weapons for Alchemist class:

Recommended Weapons

  • Hephaestus Batons- Best weapon option for Alchemist as it is the strongest melee weapon available that scales with Alchemy. It also allows your fire to debuff out incredibly fast and apply heavy damage over time effect to the enemies that can live long enough to get it triggered, such as bosses, more elite enemies, and Titans.
  • Franklin Claws – Second weapon choice for frost players with an agility immobilization secondary. It enables a technique for rapidly applying fulmination debuffs to your enemies, which in turn deals huge damage to them.

Stat Focus

  • Engineering: Alchemist’s main stat focus as it scales affliction modifier by 7% per level and helps in boosting armor.
  • Power or Agility: Power boosts your impact and physical damage, while Agility increases physical damage and immobilization.
  • Endurance: This would be essential for Alchemical weapons are they use up more endurance for longer combo chains and dodges. 

That’s all you need to know about the Alchemist class in Steelrising. Learn more about the game by visiting the Steelrising section of our site!

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