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The Thaumaturge trailer pits ethereal beings against secret police in 20th century Warsaw, because why not

The Thaumaturge is an upcoming isometric narrative RPG set in an alternative, fantasy-tinged Warsaw in 1905. As well as an unusual setting, the game boasts interesting twists on turn-based combat, character advancement, and investigation.

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Thaumaturge trailer shows combat, skills, and exploration

The latest trailer shows off the beautiful isometric city setting players will explore, walking through what we can expect from one of the game’s many quests. It gives us more than seven minutes of in-game footage, including exploration, cut scenes, and combat.

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The thaumaturge can use various interesting investigation methods while exploring, such as magical perception that allows you to read the emotions of those who leave behind clues. Exploring outside the main storyline offers plenty of opportunities to level up your skills, with a four-branch skill tree allowing you to create a unique character to suit your play style.   

Image via Fool’s Theory

While some of the turn-based combat is your standard melee and ranged attacks, the thaumaturge can summon otherworldly beings to fight alongside him. These ethereal creatures, called salutors, have different mystical abilities you can use in battles to turn the tide in your favor.  

The Thaumaturge is expected to be released by developer Fool’s Theory and publisher 11 Bit Studios via Steam on February 20, 2024. We’ve been treated to some excellent and ambitious RPGs of late, such as Sovereign Syndicate and Starfield, and this is another I’m excited to get my hands on.  

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