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Tie Dye APK

Get a feel for the fashion industry of tie dye and create your own business. In this amazing simulator game, you can mix together different shades and colors of paints to create colorful clothes. You dictate your designs, and it’s ultimately your decision to make your own designs and colors.


Many customers are waiting, money in hand for their own special custom-made clothing. Do you think you can supply what everyone is demanding?

If you think you can handle the market, go ahead and download Tie Dye for Android now.

Table of Contents

How to Play

The game is very easy to play. Every day you will get different orders from customers. Each customer will request a specific shirt color. Now, it’s up to you to create the design you want.

You will be ranked on three different aspects of your shirt:

Creativity: Creativity judges just how well designed the actual shirt is. The more you experiment with your designs, the bigger score you will have in this category. To be honest, this is probably the easiest category to score in.

Skills: Your skills is how you manage to organize the colors in your colors to create a fashionable piece of clothing. As long as you keep a wide imagination and an open mind, you should also score very high in this category.


Colors: Finally, the final category to judge your performance is the actual color. Depending on the color that is requested, this category will score you on the coordination of the colors. Make sure to use the exact colors that they request. Otherwise, you may not score very high in the end.

As for the controls and user interface, the game is still very easy to control. Simple tap, hold, and swiping gestures will control all of your various actions.

Dying Process

The actual tie dye process isn’t that difficult to understand. Anyone would be able to understand, mainly because the game even walks you through the process.

First, you’ll need to wrap up your clothing in order to create the overall design. You will keep them rolled up to have the stretched color effect of the tie dye.


From there, you can start to spray all of your different paints into the mixture. Note – you can overlap different colors together to have more bizarre or fabulous effects. Try to experiment with all of the different color combinations. This way, you can test the boundaries of your designs. See what you can and can’t get away with for a high score.

Lastly, you’ll need to soak your clothing. Soaking them will give the paint the dye effect. From there, you should have a perfectly crafted piece of tie dye clothing.

Once you’ve scored high, you will get paid some serious cash. You can use the money you earn to make obtain a lot more tools and resources.



The game is also presented to users in a well-made 3D art style. Everything looks good and natural for the theme of the game. The quality is also in HD making for a sight for the eyes.

Tie Dye APK Free Download

You can also download the latest version of the APK for additional benefits from the original version. Enjoy not only a more consistent and conserved file size, but save a lot of fewer mobile data. A swift and easy download allows you to also acquire many more apps and games to your device.

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