Tower of Fantasy Character Leveling guide

In Tower of Fantasy, players will engage in various gameplay experiences while progressing through the storyline. The Wanderer levels of the players also increase along with their accumulation of these experiences. Learn all the ways you can do to level up your character in Tower of Fantasy through this guide.

Increasing your experience points (EXP) in Tower of Fantasy may be accomplished in several different ways. Some of these methods include completing quests, exploring out into the vast open world, and participating in dungeon raids. The number of experience points (EXP) you may earn is proportional to the achievements you complete.

Missions, Expeditions, and Raids

Tower Of Fantasy Character Leveling Through Missions ImageTower Of Fantasy Character Leveling Through Missions Image
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To level up your character in Tower of Fantasy, you may start by completing missions. There are two types of missions: Main Line Missions and Side Missions. Missions are the best way for players to level up quickly since they provide them with the most experience points. You may access the available missions by clicking Terminal after selecting the Main menu at the top right of the screen. From the Terminal, select Missions, and you will be directed to the missions screen.

When playing Tower of Fantasy, one of the best ways to quickly accumulate Experience Points is to raid dungeons or ruins. The number of ruins may be used to identify sites (A-01, A-02, and so on). You may gain experience points and a variety of goodies, including gacha currencies, by clearing out foes either with a group or by yourself and finding treasure chests.

Tower Of Fantasy Character Leveling Through World Exploration ImageTower Of Fantasy Character Leveling Through World Exploration Image
Image: Tower of Fantasy

You might perhaps get experience points by venturing out into the land of Tower of Fantasy. As you go around Aida, you may come across chests that are scattered and sometimes hidden around the map. When you crack open a chest, you will get a substantial quantity of EXPs. In addition to that, there are also potential enemies lurking on the map. Fight and vanquish enemies to rack up experience points and gain loots.

While you may continue to enjoy exploring, raiding dungeons, and performing tasks, there is a daily Wanderer level cap in Tower of Fantasy. This is intended so that players won’t be able to sneak a peek at the contents too soon. Starting players may only reach up to level 18 on their first day and up to level 24 on their second day. Overall, players may reach up to level 70 for 88 days. You will find below the first 90 days Wanderer level caps in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Day 1: Level 18
  • Day 2: Level 24
  • Day 3: Level 27
  • Day 4: Level 30
  • Day 5: Level 32
  • Day 6: Level 34
  • Day 7: Level 36
  • Day 8: Level 38
  • Day 9: Level 40
  • Day 11: Level 42
  • Day 13: Level 44
  • Day 15: Level 46
  • Day 17: Level 47
  • Day 19: Level 48
  • Day 21: Level 49
  • Day 23: Level 50
  • Day 25: Level 51
  • Day 27: Level 52
  • Day 29: Level 53
  • Day 31: Level 54
  • Day 34: Level 55
  • Day 37: Level 56
  • Day 40: Level 57
  • Day 43: Level 58
  • Day 46: Level 59
  • Day 49: Level 60
  • Day 52: Level 61
  • Day 56: Level 62
  • Day 60: Level 63
  • Day 64: Level 64
  • Day 68: Level 65
  • Day 72: Level 66
  • Day 76: Level 67
  • Day 80: Level 68
  • Day 84: Level 69
  • Day 88: Level 70

That’s all to learn about character leveling in Tower of Fantasy. For more great contents, check out the Tower of Fantasy section of our site!

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