Tower of Fantasy Supply Pods, Rusted, and Password chests guide

As players navigate the vast world of Tower of Fantasy, they are likely to stumble across several chests that are dispersed around the area and are occasionally hidden. These chests provide rewards once opened, including EXPs, items for upgrading, foods, and even gacha currencies.

Chests in Tower of Fantasy can be either respawnable or permanent. Rusted and Password chests respawn over time, but can also be collected by other players on the server. Meanwhile, Supply pods are permanent chests that disappear forever once opened. Learn more about types of chests in Tower of Fantasy through this guide!

Fantasy Supply Pods, Rusted, and Password chests

Tower Of Fantasy Password Chest ImageTower Of Fantasy Password Chest Image
Image: Tower of Fantasy

To open chests in Tower of Fantasy, you must first look for them around the map as they might be hidden or needs to be unlocked by completing a puzzle. Nonetheless, you should be able to recognize these chests based on their look and colors.

Rusted chests are rectangular chests that emit a green glow and give a small amount of EXP and rewards once opened. Password chests are triangular chests that can be either purple or blue. Purple Password chests can be opened using purple chips, while Blue chests require blue chips to open. You may acquire both chips by heading to the Adventure section or the two crossed-swords icons. Rewards from Password Chests vary depending if you choose to perfect decipher or force decipher them. Perfect decipher gives you increased rewards, while Force decipher provide less EXP and rewards.

Tower Of Fantasy Supply Pod ImageTower Of Fantasy Supply Pod Image
Image: Tower of Fantasy

Supply pods or permanent chest does not respawn once opened, although they provide the most rewards and EXP. Supply pods can be purple or gold, depending on the gacha currency it includes. However, do not open Supply pods every time you come across one as it gives a large amount of EXPs which might go to waste if your Wanderer level is already maxed out for the day. Supply pods are exclusive to you and can’t be opened by other players on the server.

That’s all to know about the various types of chests in Tower of Fantasy. For more great content, check out the Tower of Fantasy section of our site!

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