Tristan the Vampire Hunter location in V Rising – Where to Find!

V Rising has you awakening as a vampire in a hostile world. You will need to find blood to regain your strength, and build your way up to the top of the vampire hierarchy. To do so, you will need to create a base for you and your friends or attempt to go it alone. If you want to find Tristan the Vampire Hunter and learn their secret recipes, we’ll show you where you need to go in this guide.

V Bloods are valuable targets because they will unlock a variety of different abilities, blueprints, and recipes that will be important for bolstering your castle and crafting stronger armor. While you can track their scent in the game, it is much easier to know exactly where you are going to find them.

Tristan the Vampire Hunter Location

To find Tristan the Vampire Hunter in V Rising, you will pretty much just need to use the Blood Altar and track him down because he patrols all over the Farbane Woods. His patrol range is very large, but you will eventually run into them on one of the roads in the area.

The battle will likely occur outdoors, so you will want to time it when the sun isn’t going to become a factor and make things more difficult for you. It is a tough fight, so make sure when you decide to battle that you have plenty of darkness left. If you’re in need of some battle strategy, you can check out the following video.

Slaying Tristan the Vampire Hunter will earn you the Vampire Power Blood Hunger. This allows you to more easily see the blood quality and type of nearby enemies. If you’re looking to trackdown 100% quality units, it will be much easier to do so with this power.

You also get the recipe for Greater Blood Essence. Which is used to help power your castle and prevent it from decaying. It also allows you to build certain furniture and crafting stations.

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