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Warframe: How to Get Sapcaddy Venedo Case

You’d be surprised at just how many resources are useful when it comes to fishing in Warframe. Here’s how to get Sapcaddy Venedo Case in Warframe.

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Where to Farm Sapcaddy Venedo Case in Warframe

Sapcaddy Venedo Case is acquired by cutting Sapcaddies, found in the waters of Fortuna. These fish are found in lakes, exclusively during Cold weather. If you want to make your life a lot easier, you can also use Broad-Spectrum Bait, which can be purchased from The Business in Fortuna. With a little time and effort, you should be getting Sapcaddies in no time.

No matter which level of Sapcaddy you have, cutting one up will yield one Sapcaddy Venedo Case. As such, getting as many Sapcaddies as possible is your best bet. You can also break open containers in Orb Vallis to possibly get some, but this isn’t suggested unless you’re already clearing out parts of the Orb Vallis for another reason. The chance is rather random.

What is Sapcaddy Venedo Case Used For?

If you don’t find farming the stuff fun, Sapcaddy Venedo Case is only used in a handful of blueprints. These blueprints are as follows:

  • Coldfusor Reactor – 10 Sapcaddy Venedo Case
  • Lovetap Grip – 10 Sapcaddy Venedo Case
  • Phazor Gyro – 10 Sapcaddy Venedo Case
  • Shrewd Grip – 10 Sapcaddy Venedo Case
  • Slap Loader – 5 Sapcaddy Venedo Case

If you want to build all five items off this list once, you’ll need 45 Sapcaddy Venedo Case. Given that some of these items are parts for MOAs and Kitguns though, you should expect to build some of them multiple times. Provided you only farm it up when it’s needed, however, it shouldn’t seem quite as daunting of a task.

If you’re looking for help with other fish resources, check out our guide on how to get Char Electroplax in Warframe.

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