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Water Sort Puzzle APK 9.1.0

Simple games are usually the most interesting and addictive to play. These games usually follow a similar pattern. They are also designed with cool colors and other features that’d keep you addicted and for fun.


One of the simplest games you can play on your mobile device is Water Sort Puzzle. This is a game to play on your mobile device if you are a fan of puzzle games. Rest assured that you’d enjoy every moment you spend on this game.

All that’s required is to sort different colored water in this game. You’d do this in glasses this you achieve the same color in a glass. Sounds easy, right? You might not easily achieve this. Download the game for free on Google Play Store and solve the puzzles in it.

The amazing thing about the game is that it is both relaxing and challenging. This game will help you exercise your brain and also improve your IQ level.


Water Sor Puzzle is easy o play. Its controls are simple and intuitive. As stated earlier, you’re to sort the color of water in the glasses. The aim is to get the same color in each glass. Tap a glass if you want to pour the water into another glass.

In this game, the water will only pour if there’s enough space or if the colors are linked. Therefore, if you try to pour blue into a bottle with green color, the water won’t pour. Also, you can’t pour the water o a bottle that is already filled up.

Can you play this game without getting suck? You can start all over again if this happens. Play the different levels of this game and complete them all.


Here are some features you’d like:

  • Easy one-hand control. Therefore, you can do other things as you play this game.
  • Different levels to complete, all of which are unique
  • There are no time limits or penalties. Enjoy the puzzle and challenges at your pace.
  • Easy and free to play.

There are so many other interesting things to enjoy in this game. Download Water Sort Puzzle Apk now to solve the puzzles in it.

Water Sort Puzzle Apk Free Download

Play the apk of Water Sort Puzzle if you want to solve the different puzzles with ease. Enjoy the different enhancements in the apk. This version was designed for you, and it is free to download.

Download Water Sort Puzzle apk now.


Download the latest version of Water Sort Puzzle to solve the puzzles in it.

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