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What does the Combat Potion do in Demonfall?

In Roblox Demonfall you will find a variety of items that can be a bit confusing to use when you are just starting out in the game. One of those items is the Combat Potion, which has some stuff going on with it that you might not be familiar with. If you are wanting to know what this potion does, then we’ll walk you through everything you would want to know about it!

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Combat Potion Guide

The Combat Potion will reset your Combat Style. This item is only useful if you’re a Demon, so don’t bother with it if you play a Slayer. Once you’ve consumed the potion, your style will be removed and you will be able to obtain a new one. These styles are Great Sword and Soryu as of right now.

There will be more Combat Styles for Demon coming soon. According to the Trello, there will be Dual Swords and Rapier in future updates. For now, you can get the Great Sword style from Darte once you reach level 20 and 100 Broken Nichirin. Soryu can also be obtained at level 20, but will cost you 5,000 Coins that you will need to give to Shoga to learn it.

You can get the Combat Potion from the Black/Mysterious Merchant who appears in Hayakawa or Okuyia Village for 3,000 Yen. When you talk to him, he will have two options that you can buy: Weapon Parts and an Unknown Item. You want to buy the Unknown Item, but be prepared that you might get something other than the Breath Indict. There’s a possibility of receiving either the Breath Indict, Combat Potion, Muzan Blood, or Wipe Potion. So, you might need to purchase it multiple times before you actually get what you want.

Demonfall Black Merchant ImageDemonfall Black Merchant Image

That’s everything we know about Combat Potion in Roblox Demonfall. Be sure to check out our posts on all of the Breathing Styles and Families you can join!

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