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Where to Find Dark Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to explore the magical world of Disney and build your dream neighborhood along famous Disney and Pixar characters in a life-sim adventure game. You’ll build up friendships, complete quests, and gather to create furnishings and recipes while playing the game. If you need help figuring out where to find Dark Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have a guide to locations and how to farm for Dark Wood!

Where to Find Dark Wood

You can find Dark Wood only in one biome: the Forgotten Lands, and you will see it as a tangle of dark, almost black, branches on the ground that you’ll be able to pick up and put into your inventory as a foraged material. It sells for 50 Gold Coins.

Dark Wood is used as a material in many crafting recipes, such as creating different types of furniture items, barrels, and so forth, making it very useful in an assortment of items you can create in the game. This is definitely a resource to stock up on whenever you’re out and about the kingdom!

That wraps up our guide on where to find Dark Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Make sure to check out more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley coverage!

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