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Where to Find Festive Wrapping Paper in Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a hybrid between a “life-sim” and an adventure game that includes a mix of exploration, quests, and activities where you’ll find your favorite Disney and Pixar characters! Crafting is one of the many things that you can do, which means you’ll need to acquire ingredients to follow recipes. If you need to help figuring out where to find Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have you covered!

Where to Find Festive Wrapping Paper

Festive Wrapping Paper Recipes

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Where to Find Festive Wrapping Paper

You can find Festive Wrapping Paper throughout the Plaza, though you will only be able to find a few per day and will have to wait for the next day to collect more.

Festive Wrapping Paper will be added to the game later in December (around the 19th, a week before Christmas) and will be used to complete Festive duties, like creating a Naughty Gift, Delicious Gift, Shiny Gift, and Handcrafted Gift.

Festive Wrapping Paper Recipes

Here is a current list of recipes that utilize Festive Wrapping Paper so you know what you might want to save up this flower for!

  • Delicious Gift
  • Handcrafted Gift
  • Naughty Gift
  • Shiny Gift

That wraps up our guide on where to find Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We hope this helped you obtain the material you needed! You can check out more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley coverage!

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