Where to find Mini-Pufts in Fortnite

Fortnitemares is upon us in October 2021, and that means there’s a whole lot of fun stuff to do in the game! That also means that there’s new quests to complete, which will get you a whole bunch of experience, and help you level up that Battle Pass, so that you can get all of those sweet cosmetics. If you’re looking for evil Mini-Pufts in the game, we’ll direct you to the exact location you need to go to find them!

This objective is a requirement for the Exterminate Mini-Pufts With a Pickaxe in Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake or Retail Row quest that you can do in the game!

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Mini-Puft Locations

While you can go to multiple locations on the map to find Mini-Pufts, the easiest one to do is at Lazy Lake! If you head over to the location on the map, go to the southeastern portion of the area and look for the backyard of the nice modern mansion you will find there.

Fortnite Mini Pufts Locations ImageFortnite Mini Pufts Locations Image

You should see a fenced in backyard, with a hot tub, and a cooking area. Head to the cooking area and you will see these evil little Mini-Pufts holding gas cans, and looking to apparently set the whole area on fire. There are some on the fence, in the sink, and in the barbeque itself! Hack them with your pickaxe to get credit for the challenge.

Credit to HarryNinetyFour on YouTube for the image used below.

Fortnite Mini Pufts In Game ImageFortnite Mini Pufts In Game Image

That’s everything you need to know about locating Mini-Pufts in Fortnite! You can find more coverage of the game in the Fortnite section of our website.

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