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Who Won RB Battles Season 3 in Roblox?

RB Battles is a Roblox Event that pits a variety of the top content creators for the platform against each other to see who can come out on top! This is determined by multiple rounds of 1v1 battles in different experiences that eliminate some of the contestants. Once they dust has settled, only a few are left to see who will end up with the trophy. If you want to know who was able to claim the championship in Season 3, we’ll let you know in this guide.

Who Won RB Battles Season 3 in Roblox?

The finale took place on January 13th, 2023 with PinkLeaf, KreekCraft, IBella, Denis, and TanqR all looking for victory. When it was all said and done, the winner of RB Battles Season 3 was TanqR! That makes it their second victory in a row after winning the second season of the event.

If you want to try out the games that were played in the championship, head on over to the RB Battles Experience on Roblox.

Final Competitors in RB Battles Season 3

PinkLeaf (Star Code: PinkLeaf)

  • YouTube – @PinkLeaf
  • Twitter – PinkLeafReal

KreekCraft (Star Code: REALKREEK)

  • YouTube – @KreekCraft
  • Twitter – KreekCraft

IBella (Star Code: Bella)

  • YouTube – @IBellaYT
  • Twitter – IBellaYT

Denis (Star Code: Denis)

  • YouTube – @denisdaily
  • Twitter – DenisDailyYT

TanqR (Star Code: TanqR)

  • YouTube – @TanqR
  • Twitter – TanqROfficial

If you want to see the full finale and watch how everything played out, be sure to check out the following video to see the exciting conclusion!

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