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Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback Materials Guide (Normal, Mighty, Volatile)

Wild Hearts is a fast-paced action game with a vibrant, stylized aesthetic and a synth-pop soundtrack, where players travel through surreal and dreamlike landscapes, battling foes, and dodging obstacles. There are many different materials and ingredients you might need to progress and craft things in the game, including many that drop from Giant Kemono. This is our Cobalt Lavaback Materials Guide for Wild Hearts and how to get the different materials available in-game.

Cobalt Lavaback Materials Guide – Normal

Cobalt Lavabacks are Giant Kemono that can be found in Fuyufusagi Fort (Chapter 2). Their Elemental Weakness is Water, and they are weak to Piercing weaponry. To swiftly take down an Cobalt Lavaback, you will need to keep an eye on your surroundings as it will disappear and use surprise attacks to do damage, and it is most vulnerable after it initially bursts out from hiding. With Pounder and Bulwark Karakuri at your disposal, this battle should be winnable.

Here are all of the crafting and upgrading materials that normal Cobalt Lavabacks can drop so that you can craft or upgrade armor/weapons to get to end-game hunts!

Crafting MaterialNotes
Cobalt Lavaback FangBreak head
Cobalt Lavaback HideBreak back
Cobalt Lavaback Molten RockBreak arms while enraged
Cobalt Lavaback TailBreak tail
Cobalt Lavaback TufaDefeat
Bandit Kemono BloodDefeat
Bandit TeardropsDefeat
Small Brumal Wind CrystalDefeat
Giant Kemono SlackDefeat

Remember, some items require you to break certain parts of the Giant Kemono, while others are more common drops after slaying one in any manner. Not all drops are guaranteed, though, so be prepared to grind for some materials.

We hope our guide on Cobalt Lavaback Materials in Wild Hearts has helped you locate the item you need. You can also use the Cyclopedia to check what obtainable materials have a chance to drop based on the Kemono if you are uncertain. The Cyclopedia also marks where their habitat is. Check out more of our Wild Hearts coverage!

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